Who needs an estate sale?

Anyone who needs to get a home empty.  An estate sale is the easiest way to empty a home and receive a check at the end.  There are many reasons why people need to have an estate sale.  Life transitions often necessitate the need to empty a home. Loved ones passing away, moving into a new home, combining households, downsizing as well as moving and changing décor are among a few reasons.  We all have items to sell.  Just because you don’t need the money from these items doesn’t mean you wouldn’t like the money.   

What is the process for having an estate sale?

To have an estate sale, it is important that the family remove all that they wish to keep. This means the removal of not only all furniture and other large items, but also all photos, financial records, mementos, keepsakes and jewelry. Aside from that, you can leave all else to us as to determine what is deemed salable or not. We may request that the estate purchase contractor garbage bags if there is a large amount of visible trash. At the end of the sale, all items that have gone unsold will be moved to the garage or any other designated area in your home for charity pick up. Charity pick up is to be arranged by the owner and is recommended to be scheduled at the time the contract is signed. Large furniture pieces that did not sell will be left in the home. They can be picked up by your charity or left to be removed at the owner’s expense. The time allowed for all sales is on average usually two weeks from start to finish.

What will Urban Potluck sell?

Anything and everything a family or person does not want to keep! Do not worry about will sell or not sell.  Generally speaking, we advise not to throw anything away until you have had a consultation.

How much does it cost for a consult?

A consult is free! We first conduct a phone consultation and then determine when to do an in-house one-hour consult. 

How much does having an estate sale cost?

Generally, the sale cost is a flat percentage of the total sale gross.  Some homes, depending on the labor involved, may warrant additional charges. This is to be determined at your in-home consult.